Unfolding and Refolding - yhteisnäyttely Jaakko Aution kanssa 

9.9.2022 — 5.11.2022 / Kogo galleria / Tarto 

Kuratoinut Mirjami Schuppert


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The exhibition Unfolding and Refolding, features new commissions by two Finnish artists, Jaakko Autio and Riikka Keränen. It examines how the past lingers on in the present, how the presence we experience is impacted by our past experiences. We, or rather, our bodies, carry both sensuous and non-sensuous traces of the past, these are present not only as a form of remembrance, but as embodied memories. Our lived experiences are ingrained in ourselves, making us carry the past in our bodies. Through the embodied memory, there is a presence of different temporalities in one place and space simultaneously and cannot be separated; this day and time is part of a continuum that forms history.

Riikka Keränen' s mischievous-looking objects are shaped by the artist’s immediate relationship to various natural materials, such as sand and clay. The works find their form in the artist’s hands – they are moulded by her physical presence in relation to the material, listening to their needs and inspired by the way living organisms grow. The shapes stretch and sprawl on surfaces, lingering on and not hurrying toward a form. Their raw material presence resists defined objecthood and becoming finite. Keränen’s works negotiate a space for themselves in relation to both Autio’s installation as well as the white cube of the gallery, building up in the crevices like fungi. Through Keränen’s work the nooks and crannies become visible, they create a presence for those elements of the interior that are always there, but never noticed.

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Jaakko Autio / 


ääni- istallaatio ( kaiuttimet ja vesiallas kuvan keskellä) 


Riikka Keränen / 

How to remember and how to forget 


havuvaneri, savi, hiekka, paperimassa, tadelakt

savipursotus ja tadelakt-rappaus seinälle




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